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DPS Peak List Updated

The DPS List has been updated to reflect the recent removal of Cerro Pescadores. Since April 2018, Argus Peak, Maturango Peak, Navajo Mountain, and Cerro Pescadores have been delisted. Edgar Peak remains suspended. Click here to see the updated list (PDF).

Peaks Delisted

Maturango, Argus, and Navajo have been voted to be delisted. These peaks have been suspended for a while. Maturango and Argus Peaks are on military reservations and accessing those peaks are illegal and potentially dangerous. Navajo Mountain is on the Navajo Indian reservation, and the Navajo Nation does not want people hiking to that peak.

Edgar Peak Suspended

Edgar Peak (San Bernardino County) resides in the Providence Mountains State Recreation Area. The staff there has communicated to several DPS leaders and Management Committee members over the past several months that the entire area is closed to cross-country travel. As there is no legal way to access the peak, the Management Committee has voted …

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