In carrying out his chore of keeping our DPS SCRAP BOOK, Willard Dean has asked for help from all members in sending him clippings of any articles you may see pertaining to our Section and its members. In addition he is trying to obtain copies of all back issues of the Southern Sierran for 1949 and before, from which to do his own clipping. How about it? Aren't there some extra copies or an unused set gathering dust in your closet? If so, please mail them to Willard or drop him a card so arrangements can be made to get them into his hands.

By now we have distributed all but 40 copies of the DESERT PEAKS GUIDE, which came off the press only last January. Recently the rate of sales has tapered off to a slow walk. So here is another place where John Q. DPS member can put in a good word for the cause when a prospective customer heaves into view. As to 1951 progress on producing new Guide material, little concrete work has been done. This is because the Chairman of the Mountaineering Committee, Lloyd Balsam, has been unexpectedly tied down on the job - a situation he hopes will soon end.

It's not too early to think about SUMMER VACATION TRIPS. In the previous Newsletter I mentioned that Weldon Heald was already making such plans and has invited any of us interested to join him in exploring some of the wild mountainous areas of S. E. Arizona. In a few days Niles and Louise Werner will depart on their long-planned trip to Europe. I'm wondering what others in the Section are planning. In fact, I hereby offer to provide space in the next couple of Newsletters to help members get together on their vacation plans. Maybe these pages will provide just the needed meeting place to bring together members who seldom see each other, but who have similar dates and destinations in mind for a 1951 vacation.

MISCELLANY to chew on:
1. Several persons have recently completed their list of qualifying peaks for DPS membership. Of these, Barbara Lilley and Gene Vinson of the San Diego Chapter and Bill Johnson from our So. California Chapter have already been cleared by the Secretary. The latter mentioned that several other people spoke of completing their qualifying peaks on the trip to New York Butte.
2. Following are the addresses of the foregoing new members, as well as a recent change of address for Glen Warner.

Lilley, Barbara 1012 C. Street, San Diego 12
Johnson, William B. 1511-1/2 B. First St., Long Beach 2
Vinson, Eugene 8459 Lemon Ave., La Mesa
Warner, Glen 301 E. Hyde Park Blvd., Inglewood, ORchard 7-2245

See you at the New York Mtns May 26-27,

Bob Bear, Chairman

Desert Peaks Section
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