May 14, 1951

Dear Desert Peaker:

The 1951 version of our DPS TRIENNIAL BANQUET was the principal subject considered at a recent Management Committee meeting of the DPS officers and committee chairmen. Henry Greenhood told us all about his committee's plans for the shindig. Here is the exciting story on this famous event which the public is so eagerly awaiting:
1. Place - Rainbow Angling Club, Azusa
2. Time - Sunday, June 24, 1951 at 5:30 P.M.
3. Entertainment - In the interests of sociability the formal part of the program will be held to a minimum. The committee has planned a short talk by Mr. H. A. Edwards of the Southwest Museum on the Havasupai, some singing led by the Songsters, and a novel game or two appropriate for Desert Peakers.
4. Charge - $3.00 per person
5. How to obtain tickets - Thru members of the Banquet Committee, who are listed below.
To help plan and put across the Banquet, Henry has enlisted the following committee members: Alda Van Pappelendam as general assistant; Irene Charnock and John Delmonte to handle tickets and money matters; Rosemary Balsam for hospitality and decorations; and Marie Smith for publicity. The tickets are already printed, so it's not too early to help the committee push their sale both outside and within the Section. The new Schedule will publicize the Banquet in at least two places.

There have been two much-enjoyed Section-sponsored trips since the last version of the Newsletter. The first of these found Toni Gamero leading some 20 of us on climbs of Whale and Granite Peaks in ANZA DESERT STATE PARK over the week-end of April 7-8. The weatherman treated us to swell weather to compensate for providing insufficient moisture for anything like the usual display of Spring flowers. We had the pleasure of the Randall Henderson's company at our campfire. The climbs were easy halfday affairs just suited for starting one's 1951 climbing season. Of course, we were encroaching on 100 Peaks territory, even though the two peaks were definitely desert-type.

The second DPS trip was to NEW YORK BUTTE on April 28-29. This "required" peak drew some 35 people out from all points of the compass, including a sizable coterie from San Diego and our Owens Valley enthusiasts, the Dedecker family. Fortunately, the stormy period shortly before the trip was scheduled had cleared up, leaving the Sierras beautifully snow-mantled from summits down to the foothills. The view of the Sierras is always a prime attraction on this climb. John Delmonte led the climbers up a hitherto unscheduled route to the summit, which proved much shorter and quicker than the long route up the trail, which usually involves backpacking and camping out overnight.
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