On Sunday morning most of the group took in the Natural Area, with its giant specimen tree, some ten miles and 1,000 feet higher along the White Mountain "road." Although impressed with the biggest of all Bristlecone Pine trees, most of us were much more excited to find some large heavy rocks with well-formed crystals which we surmised to be from a meteorite. After consulting my mineralogy handbook and remembering a road heading down the mountain to points unknown, my guess is that we brought back samples of an iron mineral, limonite, hauled up that road from an iron mine!


We welcome to our fold Howard Jackson and Bob Boyd, who turned their lists of qualifying peaks climbed in to our Secretary, Trudie Hunt, on the Bristlecone Pine week end. We congratulate Andy Smatko, Doug Ingle and Bill Sanders for earning their emblems in the past month or so. I believe all three did it the hard way: climbing Boundary and Montgomery Peaks in the snow on an outlaw trip Memorial Day week end.

Arnold Shulman is out of the Army now, living back at home with his folks: 561 North Kings Road, L. A. 48.

VACATIONS: Hope you all have your dream vacation this year. Three DPS families are having theirs with the CMC outing at Snowmass Lake near Aspen, Colorado, the last half of July: the Crookstons, Dick Kenyon, and the Bears.
Bob Bear

DPS Chairman
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