May 4, 1954

Dear Desert Peakers:


Marge Henderson, chairman of Banquet Committee, has announced the following story on this unusual event.
1. PLACE - Rainbow Analing Club, Asuza.
2. TIME - Sunday, June 6, 1954
a. Reception - 4:30 P.M.
b. Dinner - 5:30 P.M.
3. PROGRAM - There will be an illustrated lecture (slides) by Martin Litton on his trip and stay in Barranca del Cobre (Mexico' s Grand Canyon). Following this there will be brief talks by leaders of coming trips with the possibility of showing a few slides.
4. PRICE - $3.0O per person.
5. TICKETS may be obtained through members of the Banquet Commiittee or officers of the Section. When obtaining by mail, write to Marge Henderson., 1152 Picacho Dr., La Habra, Calif. Remittance must accompany reservation.

This is the outstanding social event of the year for our Section. This is your opportunity to greet that new member in person, hash over past trips with old friends, hear about new trips coming up and in general enjoy a wonderful evening. We'll be seeing you!


The Conservation Committee of the Chapter has asked for an outline of pictures and maps of the proposed Wilderness Area in the White Mountains. Although the White Mountain Natural Area has already been established near Sheep Mtn., it was felt by some of our members that the entire boundary of the national forest north of White Mountain Peak should be set aside as a wilderness area. The present Natural Area was designated for the preservation of a representative sample of the mountain flora (rare Bristlecone pine). It contains 2,330 acres at the elevation between 9,900 and 11,419 feet. A map (preferable geographical survey map) showing the entire area north the White Mtn. Peak and especially the national forest boundary is needed. Anyone having such map and willing to use it for conservation purposes should send it to your chairman for use in the coming conservation meeting of the Section. Snapshots of the area taken on recent trips to White Mt., Du Bois, Montgomery, and Boundary Peaks are needed. Also start thinking about the outstanding features of the area which make it worth preserving. Concrete information such as this is needed before we can gain a favorable consideration of the proposal by the Club Conservation Committee. The DPS conservation meeting will be announced in next newsletter.


The Threat of the proposed "Blue Cut" road in Joshua Tree Nat'l Monument continues. It was learned early last month that the Western Mining Councel, Inc. has endorsed a plan calling for a resolution by the joint action of the State Senate and Assembly asking the President and congress to extend the law to permit mining over a large part of the monument. Emily Bear reports that the request for a road survey made to the Highway Commission as passed on to the State Legislature and that very likely it will stay there for quite a while before a decision is handed down.


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