Eagle Mountains #1


By: Linda McDermott


Tom Sumner's List Finish

Quote of the day: Tom proudly showed me his list finish pin and said, "You know, this pin only cost me about $40,000."

Having started climbing DPS peaks nearly five years to the day of when he finished, Tom Sumner finished the DPS list of peaks on Eagle #1 in Joshua Tree National Park with almost 60 buddies. Everyone met at 8:00 am on Saturday, October 25 at the Cottonwood Springs area Ranger Station in Joshua Tree National Park to caravan to the starting point for Route C for Eagle #1. We consolidated vehicles and parked in the large paved parking lot, having informed the rangers about what we were up to.

The route up the peak was straightforward, up the wash then east to the base of the peak. Even with such a large group, the climb went well, with no mishaps. Once on top, Tom gathered those most instrumental in his event, Evelyn Reher, Ron Grau, and Vic and Sue Henney, thanked them, and gave them stained glass coyote with cactus piece. Tom had most everyone carry a champagne bottle to the top of the peak, and we all celebrated a great deal.

On the way down, one small group got out at dusk, while another group hiked until about 7:00 p.m. before getting back to the cars. Everyone relaxed when the groups got out, then carpooled to the party spot which was a few miles on a dirt road on the south side of the 10 Freeway. We had a great campfire, with songs, recitations and general great times. Tom made his famous chili, drank everything he could from his cactus margarita glass and vowed next time not to forget the pot to heat up his chili.

Sunday morning Evelyn Reher spearheaded a pancake breakfast, which was quite a hit. Here's to a great weekend with fun, good cheer and a wonderful fellow who just finished a worthy accomplishment! Now, Tom, we need a double list finish down the road because we simply will not go without your chili for very long.

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