Mustang Mountain, Kennedy Point


By: Wynne Benti


Private Trip

Mustang Mountain and Kennedy Point are in the White Mountains. just north of Queen Canyon Saddle, a roadhead for Boundary and Montgomery. Heavy snow on the road made driving pass the Albert Mine impossible, so we parked there and 'walked southeast to a point north of Queen Saddle, gaining a talus-covered slope to Kennedy Point. We saw two wild mustangs and watched them graze on open slopes below Queen Saddle. From Kennedy Point, we walked across the summit plateau through junipers, some Bristlecone and open Ponderosa forest to Mustang Mountain. We found a tremendous Indian chipping stone area covered with bits of worked obsidian. where we poked around for about an hour. Walt Wheelock's original summit register from 1962 was still in place. On the return trip, we dropped down a steep sage-filled gully between Mustang and Kennedy through a grove of weathered tree stumps. Cut down at the turn of the century by miners, the trees were rolled down the steep slope to be used for building cabins and reinforcing the interior walls of deep tunnels burrowed into the mountain side.

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