Granite Peak, East Ord Mountain


By: Dan Richter


Old Timers/List Finisher

Deadlines are often hard to meet and the trip report for this weekend hike didn't make it in time to be included. But by the miracle of FAX machines and Devra Wasserman's access to one, the sign in sheets arrived in time, so here is the list all the people who showed up for this epic. The annual Old Timers hike, which was initiated by Bill T. Russell several years ago, has always gotten a good turnout and this time it got an extra boost when our leader, Dan Richter, showing the flair for the dramatic that one expects from a show biz personality decided to finish the list on East Ord this weekend, in a tux no less.

Participants: Bill Bradley, John Gibba, William Jones, Igor & Suzannne Mamedalin, Harry Freimanis, Asher Waxman. George Pfeiffer, Edna Erspamer, Carol & John McCully, Jake Holshuh, Sue Leverton, Devra Wasserman, Barbara Cohen, Beth Epstein, Vic Henney, Sue Wyman Henney, Tom Moumblow, Karen Leonard, Dave Welbourn, Ron Hudson, Tom Sumner, Jennifer Lambelet, Stephen Nardi, Dahra Perkins, Zoe Perkins Lehr, Derek Lehr, Greg & Mirna Roach, Ron Ron Young, Bob Wyka, Peter Christian, Christine Mitchell, Ron Bartell, Betty & Austin Sirratt, Linda McDermott, Mary & Rayne Motherall, Patty Kline, Willie Richter, Dan Richter, Mike Daugherty, Charlie Knapke, George Toby, Roy Magnuson, Fred Smith, Howard & Barbara Eyerly.

Several of our four legged friends also joined this hike, including Comet (Igor & Suzanne), Mandy (John & Carol on Mandy's maiden DPS hike), Chuck & Tula (Jennifer) and Casie (Linda McD).

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