Boundary Peak, Montgomery Peak


By: Fred Camphausen


The trip was advertised as a one day climb. It followed the now-standard approach from the California side. Earlier writeups have described this approach.

I drove with friends to the meeting place at Hwy 395 and found nobody there. The next meeting place was on the way in a mile or so where I suggested people could crash after driving during the night. That's where they were found, and we helped everybody finish their coffee and then we drove to Queen Saddle.

The hike on the ridge to Trail Canyon Saddle was in warming sunlight. The group spread out on the steep trail to the Boundary Peak summit and some of us were there before 11 am. I asked Tom Moumblow to take the summitteers over to Montgomery so others of us could stay behind to snooze in the sun.

We who snoozed became aware of the company of a quite active small mouse. This was a deer mouse, with white colored tum-tum,

and conversation focused on the dread hantavirus which was reportedly carried by some of these critters! I think this caused us to lose some sleep. We got up off the ground, although it could have been the weakening sun's warmth that caused us to start back down.

We arrived at the cars around 3 pm and waited for the arrival of Vicky Hoover and Debbie and Shane Smith. Congratulations to Debbie who climbed Boundary and now had her DPS list finished. Steve stayed with the young kids so she could do this.

Thanks go to Vicky Hoover who drove from San Francisco to be assistant leader. Steve Smith was on hand also if needed to assist. Our participants Included Stan Rosenwald, LeRoy and Jean Johnson, Tom Moumblow (who did assist), Tom Sumner, Vic Henney, Sue Wyman, Debbie and Shane Smith, Laura Webb, Bob Greer, Gordon Smith, and Austin and Betty Stlrratt. Everybody did Boundary and almost everybody climbed Montgomery. El Charro Avitla was the appointed Bishop dinner location.

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