Mount Patterson, Glass Mountain Ridge


By: Andy Zdon


Wynne and I left Bishop early Saturday morning and after an excellent blueberry pancake breakfast at Nicely's in Lee Vining we continued up to the Sweetwater Mountains north of Bridgeport. We took the very scenic drive past Lobdell Lake and up to the road end described in the peak guide. The last portions of this road were quite muddy from recent storms, and four-wheel drive was a must. The hike up Mount Patterson went well and we could not have asked for better weather, with large billowy cumulus clouds all around and a nice brisk wind. We spent about 45 minutes on the summit, where we placed an extra register book. The hike down was very enjoyable, and after arriving back at the car and having a snack, we headed back toward Bridgeport.

As we drove out of the Sweetwaters, those pleasant clouds turned into menacing thunderstorms, and as we reached highway 395 near Devil's Gate, a lightning and hailstorm erupted! The storm subsided as we reached Bridgeport, and we spent the late afternoon at Bodie State Historic Park. After a while, the lightning storms started to move in again so we left and headed off to camp at Sawmill Meadow near Glass Mountain.

At Sawmill Meadow, we were surprised to find an SPS-group who had been up San Joaquin Mountain earlier that day and were led by Dave Dykeman and Dave Petzold. The next morning, Wynne and I got a reasonably early start and had a beautiful hike up Glass Mountain under clear blue skies. With no hint of storms, we were able to spend some time on the summit and read the register, take pictures, eat and take in the fantastic view.

This was a really nice, relaxed trip and was a pleasant Summer "non-Sierra" alternative!

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