Granite Peak #2, Palen Mountains


By: Larry Tidball


We climbed these 2 peaks from the West approaching both off of the Palen Pass Road East of highway #177. There were 12 of us for the climb of Granite #2 on Saturday, and we used 4WD's to drive to the starting point shown in the Peak Guide 3/4 mile East of Packard Well. We angled up to the ridge near point 3928' and then followed the ridge up to the summit. We took a variation on the way back, heading down off the ridge a little sooner. The hike took about 6 hours, this is 2 hours longer than indicated in the Peak Guide, and I don't think we were slower than an average group.

Diane Trosino and Don Guido joined us on their first Desert Peak trip.

We camped on a flat spot with Patton's Tank Tracks just off of Palen Pass Road in section 17.

Some folks already had Palen, so we were only 8 for the hike on Sunday. We followed the West hiking route in the Peak Guide. All went well, and we were a little quicker than the listed time of 4 hours round trip, so we were able to get an early start on the drive home. By the way; on the West side drive for Palen, after you turn off of Palen Pass Road, the next 1 mile is very sandy & 4WD recommended).

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