Canyon Point, Old Woman Mountains


By: Paul Freiman


(Reports and Suggestions)

Canyon Point, our newest peak, is a very enjoyable peak. I was on the Mantle/Hubbard trip, Dec 1-2, 1990. We backpacked into the Jones/Smith suggested campspot of Cottonwood Springs, dropped our packs, bagged the peak and returned to our campsite. This was terrific, except I don't care for backpacking when I can dayhike.

The next day after hiking back to the cars, I hiked the normal route up to Canyon Point. This only took 2 hours up and 50 minutes down. This was also a fun trip. I enjoyed descending 1700 feet in 8 minutes! My suggestion is to dayhike to Cottonwood Springs, bag the peak and complete the loop back to the cars. I calculate this roundtrip would only be 5-6 hours and it would be one of the finest hikes on the list. This said, I don't feel that a peak that is only 3 hours RT is an appropriate addition to the list, especially with such a tough drive-in.

Now a note of update on the Carbonate Gulch route into Old Woman Mtn (see SAGE #206). 4WD is a necessity on this route as there are three places with very soft sand. High clearance isn't needed until the final 2 miles. RT was 4 1/2 hours. Good route.

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