Tucki Mountain

March 18, 1990

By: Wendy Ruess


via Mosaic Canyon

Since I did Tucki from the North in 1982 we figured that route finding would be a cinch. Oh well.

We started walking at 6AM up Mosaic Canyon just south of Stovepipe Wells (1000 feet). This canyon is quite a tourist attraction. Camping is not allowed at the trailhead but may be available just across the road from the Stovepipe Wells hotel. Using the 15 minute Stovepipe wells map we followed some ducks that led of f to the east at the "a" in Mosaic. After 1/4 mile it dropped us into a wash that leads toward the Southeast. About fifty yards up this wash there were more ducks leading of f to the South but we assumed that we were in the main wash and continued heading Southeast. Eventually we wound up just to the East of 2516 looking many hundreds of feet down into the main wash. Rather than dropping into the main wash we continued eastward on the ridge past 4644. The views to the East and West were spectacular until we passed 5788, where we were confronted with 2 1/2 miles of rolling bumps until Tucki (with a wooden structure on top) finally came into view. We got to the top (6726) at 12:30. We saw both a big horn sheep and Bob Emerick near the top, Bob having come up a wash from the Northwest, starting near Black Point at about 1000 feet.

We decided to return on a more direct route, and walked directly to the plateau just West of 5788. A very good sheep trail off to the right led to a spring at 434 897. Below the spring the trail was very faint, perhaps the sheep live above the spring. We dropped into a main watercourse which led to an impassable waterfall. After backtracking a few hundred feet we worked our way downward until we found some ducks which led past some spectacular waterfalls and chasms. Finally we found ourselves following the ducks we had ignored that morning. We got to the car just before 6PM with a little light to spare. Good route-finding might knock a couple of hours off the hike. If I don't wait another eight years til my attempt maybe the route-finding will go better. -- John McCully

I love to away from the "roaring town,"
Far from its stress and strife
To another world, a simpler world
To the hills and a simpler life.

To follow the trail 'long a canyon stream,
To make camp in a ferny deli,
To search out the meadow the mule deer love
Or the glade where the blue-jays dwell.

I love the light of the glowing camp-fire
As seen flickering through the trees,
The call of the owl or the coyotes howl
As they float in on the breeze.

It's good to know of the wonderful life
That springs from the lowly sod,
Where amid scenes of a master artistry
You're living close to God.

-- Will Thrall in "Trails Magazine"

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