Mount Patterson, Glass Mountain Ridge


By: Maris Valkass




Ron Bartell and Christine Mitchell, both finished the DPS list on Glass Mountain, on Sunday, 2 September 1990. Ron finished the list twice on the same day. Quite an achievements Congratulations to both!

Saturday morning twenty eight of us met in Bridgeport for the climb of Patterson from the California side. We followed the directions given in the original Peak's Guide. They were OK, but the last two miles I would classify as 4-WD. I don't believe that any passenger car could get up there due to its steepness.

The drive presents the greatest challenge, after which you hike up a road for practically the whole way. It is still a wonderful peak with an unusual summit area, and a great view. While we were on the summit, five bikers joined us coming from the Nevada side where they were camped. While I abhor dirt bike riding in the open desert, the people were nice. Everyone who went for the peak got it.

We had two flats on the way out to the highway.

Our campsite on Saturday and Sunday night was at the site of Mono Mills off Highway 120. Saturday night we had a small potluck, my thanks to the womenfolk for cooking such fine quesa dias, it was the joint cooking effort of Terry, Sue, Anna, Christine, Keats, and Betsy.

Sunday morning, in the dark, Ron Bartell (accompanied by John McCully, and Chessie) ascended Glass for the first time this day. Ron returned to the cars to climb it the second time with Christine and the rest of the group, thus completing the list the second time, and Christine the first time. There were thirty people on the summit enjoying alcoholic and nonalcoholic champagne, and the fabulously clear view. Some of us walked over to the other summit to check out the transmitter installation, which was more substantial than last seen. Don Macri, potential new member climbed his sixth, qualifying peak.

Back at the cars, McCully and Ruess surprised everyone with several gallons of ice cream and cakes.

One car ran out of gas, and we had to go to Benton to get some. This did not dampen anyone's spirits.

The party was great and the goodies were about the best that I have had at one of these outings. Thanks to all the contributors.

McCully and Ruess left after the party to go home to pack for their trip to Greece and Turkey.

The Mamedalins and Turners also left early to go and climb Matterhorn in the morning. Suzanne was after her SPS emblem. (She got it) Congratulations!

Monday morning several others bailed out for various reasons, leaving ten of us to climb the Crater Mountain. Everyone agreed that it is a fine peak with a superb view.

The participant are:

Jim Farkas
Doug Hatfield
Robert Beach
Melissa Macri
Jon Lutz
Chuck Pospishil
Mark Frolli
Terry Turner
Suzanne Mamedalin
J Holshuh
Keats Gray
Maris Valkass
Ron Bartell
Christine Mitchell
Ellen Beach
Trevin Macri
Betsy Lutz
Nancy Mitchell
Wendy Ruess
Bruce Turner
Tanya Mamedalin
Robert Meador
Bill Gray
Anna Valkass
Bill Faulkner
Don Macri
Laura Schwartz
Mario Gonzalez
Jim Mitchell
John McCully
Igor Mamedalin
Sue Leverton
Charlotte Meador
Jeff Koepke

My thanks to Jim Farkas for assisting (he is leaving for Nepal to climb Makalu). Also thanks to J Holshuh for assisting with logistics and communication, as well as helping people with car problems.

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