Mount Dubois, Montgomery Peak, Boundary Peak


By: John McCully


These were the last peaks that Ron needed until his double DPS list finisher over Memorial day. We started at the Middle creek trailhead described in the Peaks guide at 5 AM, arriving uneventfully at the top of Dubois five hours later. On a previous climb Ron had noticed register entries by backpackers running the length of the White mountains, and had inferred that the saddle between Dubois and Montgomery would be Class II. This proved to be the case, easy routes existing around all of the ridge pinnacles.

The remains of an aquamarine colored airplane were scattered down the eastern slope from the saddle.

We got to Montgomery at 2 PM, Boundary at 3 PM and the Trail Creek roadhead for these two peaks (also described in the Peaks Guide) by 5:30, 12 1/2 hours after we started. The original plan called for Wendy Ruess, Jay Holshuh, Sue Leverton and Bill Faulkner to also do Dubois from Middle Creek and then return to their cars. Wendy would then drive over to the Trail Creek trailhead to pick Ron and I up, and after droping Ron off at his car (about 6 miles away) we would get home at a semi-reasonable hour. I had forgotten the often learned lesson of always leaving a car at the exit trailhead. We were expecting Wendy to show up around 7 PM and by 8 PM we were unsuccessfully trying to talk some car campers into driving us to Ron's car. We wound up walking along the road by moonlight, getting to Ron's car about 9:30. Fearing the worst we drove the half hour up the Middle Creek road. There were no cars at the Middle Creek trailhead, so we at least knew that everybody was off the mountain. At 10:30 PM we got back to where Ron's

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