El Picacho del Diablo

April 1990

By: Jay Holshuh


This inscription was found on a metal plaque on the summit rock of Picacho del Diablo during a trip in April, 1990. I don't know how long it might have been there as other climbers I have talked to who have summited the peak more than once in the recent years do not remember seeing it. I may have mis-copied one portion of it and would like it to be corrected if possible. Also I am very curious who this person was. I think the plaque was probably placed by the Club Alpinista of Tijuana or Ensenada as some such group seems to have organized the peak register.


Ustedes me dicen, entonces, que tengo que perecer
Como tambien las flores que cultive pereceran
De mi nombre nada quedara
Nadie mi fama recordara?
Pero los jardines que plante, son jovenes y
Los canciones que cante, y cantandose

Principe de Texcoco, 1484

In Otin Ihuan In Tonaltin Nican Tzonquica
Aqui terminan los Caminos y los Dias

Approximate Translation

You tell me then that I must perish
Just as the flowers that I planted will die
Will nothing remain of my name
Will no-one remember my fame?
But the gardens that I planted are young and growing...
The songs that I sang will continue being sung.

A Mexican Indian language?

The roads and the days end here.

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