Manly Peak, Needle Peak

Nov 88

By: Paul Freiman


private trip

The road into Manly is now officially closed from the East. The road was washed out last year and five miles of it are VERY rugged 4WD. Here's the alternative: an excellent route.

From Trona drive to the town of Ballarat. The AAA Death Valley map shows an excellent dirt road south for 15 miles. This naturally flows into the turn you want: Goler Wash. The next mile up to the entrance of the canyon will be the only spot 2wd would have problems (traction) for 8 miles. The canyon is good dirt. The road becomes 4WD about one mile from where the road turns north at Sourdough Springs. Three 4WD did this trio to assist Carolyn West in her list finishing goal. We (Julie King, Bobs Meador and Ferguson, Bill Stevens and I) Took off from Mengel Pass to ascend Manly. Reviewing the route, it would have been better to start from Russell Camp or Hatchet Springs. Any way goes on Manly. I left my Casio watch at the top for someone to return to me.

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