Tucki Mountain


By: Karen Leonard


Eight hikers met at noon on Saturday, Dec. 3 (having been able to enjoy Friday night in town and do some Christmas shopping in Mojave and Trona on the way out), to backpack halfway in towards Tucki. (We parked about one mile east of Skidoo where the dirt road heads northeast and took it to the jumping off place. One could drive this road in...to where it turns sharply left and you plunge straight down into the valley to the right of 5834'. We left the old Indian or miners trail which went down to the right of the promontory to the right of 5834 in order to plunge just left of that promontory 1000' down to the valley floor and head straight for the road evident to our north (that trail down and around might be easier although slightly longer). We hiked along the dirt road east and left it when another, poorer, dirt road headed northwest up the ridge east of 5592'. That road took us up and down into the valley, across which Martin's Cabin is visible; turning left on another good dirt road, we hiked straight to that cabin where we planned to spend the night. The cabin is immaculate and well-furnished - take candles and spend a delightful evening around the table inside! There is even a bed and there are jugs of water for emergency use. We reached the cabin by 2:40 so the little library there was welcome too! After a leisurely set-up, happy hour, dinner, and more happy hour, we slept well. We started off at 7:10 for the peak, straight up the ridge behind the cabin, and down, and up, and down, and up....several false peaks later we finally reached Tucki about 9:15, spent a pleasant 20 minutes admiring the fine views, and headed back to our camp. We left there at noon and reached the cars at 2:30. This 12 mile round trip and total gain of 4500 feet works very well as a backpack. Thanks to the very capable hikers, Paul Freiman, Rick Beatty, John Gibba. Roy Bishop, David Campbell, David Buchanan, and my co-leader Delores Holladay for a great weekend.

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