Arc Dome, Mount Jefferson, Wheeler Peak, Ruby Dome


By: Gene Olsen



Twenty-three people met at Columbine C. G. on Saturday, July 2. The C. G. was almost full when we started arriving and was packed when our eleven, vehicles all got there.

Sunday was a beautiful day and seventeen people started out for Arc Dome at 6:30. These seventeen went up the trail. Two walking wounded took the jeep road. This is by far the easier and faster route, however, not nearly as scenic. In the future I would advise the road. The seventeen made the summit and were back at the cars about 3:30 for a drive into Austin for what all will agree was one of the finer meals of the trip. After this gourmet delight, we headed for camp at the stone house near Jefferson.

Monday, we consolidated into the 4WD's and drove to approximately 9500 ft. on the Jefferson ridge. You must go through the fence to the east side to get up this high. Eighteen people started and made the peak in almost perfect weather. Back at the camp by 1:30 we headed for Ely via Highway 6. NOTE: Gas up in Austin or go west to Tonopah. It's a long trip from Bishop to Ely and luckily no one ran out of gas. We did find a station in Currant that turned on the pump and fed us regular. Ron Young had some unleaded to save Owen. The KOA in Ely was very nice and we had a nice evening.

Tuesday was a full day and most people went through Lehman Caves at Great Basin National Park. We all camped at Wheeler Park C. G., which is just under 10,000 ft. and was somewhat windy. We had a nice camp fire with some exotic refreshments.

Wednesday at 6:30 found us off for Wheeler Peak in a real wind. Eighteen people made the summit under clear skies. Beautiful view! As we neared the bottom, Owen Malloy discovered his camera missing. He returned to the summit but, alas, no camera. He later learned that an individual, who shall remain unnamed, had found it on the summit and carried it down.

After a brief stop at the cars, we headed for Elko and the KOA. Most people got there before dark, but Owen reached there about midnight. No party since Thursday and Ruby Dome required an early start.

We left the KOA at about 5:45 and, after a rather embarrassing (for the leader) trip, we reached the gate at Spring Creek C.G. It was locked but I'd made arrangements to meet a security guard there at 6:30. She showed up about 7:15. At 7:30 sixteen souls started up, with Ice Axes. Fifteen made the summit with no problems and were back at the cars by 6 p.m.

We then headed back into Elko for an outstanding meal at the BILTOKI, a Basque restaurant. There are three Basque restaurants, all on Silver Street between 3rd and 4th. Most went back to the KOA for a second night. Friday, we headed home in, a variety of directions.

Since my foot had not completely recovered from the Easter Trip, I made use of a number of excellent leaders. I would like to express my special thanks to Delores Holladay, Edna Erspamer, Ron Young, Sherry Harsh, John Lutz and Mary Mac. Without your help the trip would not have been nearly as good.

Others in attendance were Bill Faulkner, Barbara Reber, Claire Beckman, Owen Malloy, Bob Meador & family, Bill Stevens & family, Gail Hanna, Betsy Lutz, Evan Samuels, Julie King, Eivor Nilsson and Judy Ware. We had a guest, Fred Johnson, from Berkeley who is a member of a group called Desert Survivors. We enjoyed Fred's company.

Included is a map of the Spring Creek Camp area. Total mileage as we did it was close to 2100 miles.

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