Spectre Point, Granite Peak


By: Maris Valkass


We met at an intersection 7 miles west of Hwy 177 on Hwy 52. From there we drove south on the dirt road for about 1.4 miles, as indicated on the AAA map. Then we went right (southwest) as far as the two wheel drives could go and parked. About 16 of us started up the intermittent wash shown in section 31 near Coxcomb Mountains. We followed the stream bed over some small and easily surmountable waterfalls and boulders to the "V" or "T" on the stream and turned to the right, following the main canyon to the summit.

This was an interesting and scenic way to go, as well as a nice deviation from the "standard' route, which starts on the opposite side of the mountain range. This was one of the warmest days at that time of the year, in fact someone recorded a temperature of 110 degrees. As a result of the heat, several people decided to stay below and wait in the shade to avoid heat exhaustion. Everyone who attempted, got the peak. Three of us decided to climb Diadic?? (don't know the spelling). This bump appears to be as high or higher than Spectre, and it is a fun peak to do. It has one or two low unexposed 4th class moves.

After eating lunch we started back to the cars. By the time we reached them, we were pretty much out of water and overcome by heat. Fortunately, no one got heat stroke or exhaustion. During the cocktail hour we decided that next days climb of Granite was out. This proved to be wise decision, because Sunday was much warmer than Saturday.

Since I lost the sign-in sheet, I don't remember everyone who was on the trip, so I will not name anyone except Frank Dobos who was my assistant. Thank you Frank for the fine job.

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