Old Dad Mountain, Sheephole Mountains


By: Maris Valkass


Saturday morning we met at Amboy, hoping to be able to eat breakfast at the restaurant. However, the sign said that they are closed on Saturdays, and that they are also looking to find a cook.

Marti Washburn carpooled with Anna and I. So, we were waiting for Igor, Tanya, and Suzanne, and also Roy Bishop. J. Holshuh and Sue Hanna were going to do Providence, and would meet us later at the campfire.

After the missing parties showed up, we decided to climb Old Woman from the east, Carbonate Gulch. The approach is still from Danby, but you drive east to the Carbonate Gulch Road. You turn left, and drive up the road as far as you can, this is almost to the mining area marked on the topo. Our route was just past the mines and up the ridge, and continuing along the ridge, with some route finding, to the summit. This route is a little 1onger and a bit more challenging. We descended via the major gully just south of the cars. Igor's dog Comet was the second dog registered in the register.

Saturday night we camped at the Sheephole Pass, near the microwave relay tower. Although the area was trashy, the wildflowers were profuse and beautiful.

Sunday morning we started at 7 am from the relay towers SE into the major canyon. When the canyon ended on the ridge, we turned left and traversed NE to the summit. While snacking, we saw J and Sue coming up from the west and waited for their arrival. We descended together back to the cars. Since the group was not very large, there was no leading/following, but a very pleasant walk together in a good company. My thanks to everyone for coming.

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