Rosa Point, Rabbit Peak


By: John McCully


Private Trip

Started walking at 7AM from point near where Rattlesnake Canyon crosses S22. Easy going until 30' dry waterfall where canyon turns to East. Good third class stuff, followed by two unclimbable waterfalls which were bypassed on the West side. Reached Rosa/Villager saddle at 11:45. Using daypacks reached Rosa at 2:30, took longer than we thought it would. Back to saddle at 4:25. Using backpacks again we headed for Villager, stopping at 5:45 in a level area just short of the peak. Plenty of wood.

Left for Rabbit at 7:30 AM, reaching the top at 10:45. Got back to camp at 1:30 and took another 3 1/2 hours to reach cars. Saw extensive activity with an airplane in Rattlesnake Canyon, apparently a practice rescue mission, which culminated after dark with a helicopter landing high up in the canyon where someone was waving a flashlight.

Participants were Ron Bartell, Christine Mitchell, Wendy Ruess and myself.

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