Chemehuevi Peak, Stepladder Mountains


By: Julie King


We met at the intersection of Lake Havasu Road and Highway 95 on Saturday, February 6th, 1988, for the scheduled Chemehuevi Peak Hike. We left about a quarter to nine for the trailhead off the Power Line Road, running parallel to Lake Havasu Road. Bob Kanne lead a leisurely hike up the wash and straight to the peak.

After getting back to the cars in the late afternoon, Don Sparks and I left the group to go do Stepladder just west of Highway 95. The directions provided by Randy Bernard over the phone were excellent. We drove 1.7 miles south on Highway 95 from Lake Havasu Road intersection and west on good dirt road for 10 miles, right (North) on poor dirt road for 8+ miles and parked. We got there just before dark. The poor dirt road would have been hard to find in the dark. The next morning, after a very long night with a very bright moon, we left at 6:19. We traveled on a 277 bearing maintaining a good pace. We went up the washes and over a couple of low hills, then up the peak on good solid rock. It took us 11/2 hours to reach the top. We were back at the truck in another 11/2 hours at exactly 9:19 a.m., long before the sun thought of getting hot! Total time, 3 hours.

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