Hayford Peak, Mount Stirling


By: Gene Olsen


14 souls met at the Dead Man Canyon road head for the walk into the cabin. 13 started up the road. It was a pleasant day- not at all warm as we had expected As we went farther in we ended up with small patches of snow down to the road level in some places. After a rest at the cabin we started up the gully which heads north just east of the falling down out house. Edna E and Steve Z were put to the point to do some route finding. We followed the gully almost to the saddle exiting up the ridge to the east. It was windy and cool on the summit. We came down almost the same route with Ted leading. On the return we met people at the cabin. They were surprised to see us. At night we camped at a corral near the road head for Stirling. It was very windy here. Steve Z gave us an excellent time of good guitar playing and good vocals along with Marty Washburne. Oddly enough, I don't remember hearing any of the songs before. The trip up Stirling went good except for a minor glitch. After getting up towards the end of the road we found another vehicle which we had blocked with our cars. I went down and moved the cars and the trip went on. They were all back in about 3-1/2 hours. Saw the petroglyphs. From here we headed back to Baker by way of Parumph.

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