Old Dad Mountain, Granite Peak #1, East Ord Mountain


By: Dale van Dalsem


17 of us met 10.5 mi E of Baker on the Kelbaker Rd bend at 6:30 AM, drove 9.2 mi SE on the Kelbaker Rd, turned right 1.7 mi on graded road, right again, then south & under the power lines & turned right just below the "ass" in Jackass Canyon on the Old Man Mtn 1983 71/2 topo. Then N up the wash to park about 1.3 mi SE of Old Dad summit. We hiked up the wash & where the wash turned west to the peak, we went up the ridge on the right, north of the wash, to the summit, then back the same way. Steep, but good, non-crumbly volcanic rock, some cl 2. Much evidence of sheep. 3 hrs r.t., 3 mi r.t., 1800 gain, 17 people. Back to the Kelbaker Rd & south to the turnoff for Granite, a string-straight dirt road going right, about 1.8 mi N of Granite Pass. We drove this dirt road about 3.4 mi SW & left the non-4WD vehicles at our campsite, a flat place on the south side of the road with an abandoned tank (fluid, not armored!!) lying on its side. We piled into the 4 4WD's & went 1/2 mi further, but it really wasn't worth it. We parked at about 4500' on the border of sections 1 & 12 on the old Flynn 1956 15' topo & trooped off on a bearing of 230 through the cholla, yucca and boulders. After an abortive attempt to follow a ridge, we stuck to the main canyon, which had some water in it, & then went right, keeping at 230, when the canyon went left. We stayed left of this side canyon, trying to follow cattle tracks (this area is overgrazed by cattle, all the way to the summit register!!), but got into boulder fields a time or two.

Summited at 3:15, after 1:10 PM start; left at 3:38, down in an hour & a quarter. 14 people, 3 hrs 45 min r.t., 3 mi r.t., 2300 gain. What is the real summit? The 30-yr old topo shows a VABM 6738', a point a mile east,6786', and a point about 800' N of 6786' which appears to be 6800'+. We ascended the high point, 6800'+, found the register there, signed in, and split. Bradley & Reber reported looking for the register on the south pinnacle (6786'), in '84 and finding no register, so someone must have moved it to the high point in the early 80's.

We had a marvelous campfire. Full moon, cold but no wind, and the great guitar work of Steve Zoschke, plus the interesting snacks & libations made it a memorable evening. Steve had entertained us early arrivals Fri night with his flute, then outdid himself on the guitar Sat night. An organ recital is promised for the future!

Sunday it was sleep in 'til 6:30, off at 7;30 towards EAST ORD. To save time and mileage, we exited I-40 at "Newbury Springs" & went south on-Fort Cady Rd & WSW along a gas line road to Camp Rock Road, then SE and south to a point SE of East Ord. Logical, and about 2 to 2+ hrs driving, right? WRONG!! At 11:30, after 4 hrs of driving, we arrived opposite East Ord. Should have got off I-40 in Daggett & taken Camp Rock Road, a high speed gravel road, all the way. Probably blew an hour plus on the tortuous route past Kane Spring. We parked at about the edge of sections 1 & 12 on Camp Rock Road, went up the ridge just right of the canyon leading to the peak, skirted the interesting pinnacle on the right at 5600', lunched on the summit & went down the canyon, a better route than the ridge. The mine road (4WD?) that goes to the SE corner of the Ord Mountain 1982 71/2 topo is probably a better route than we took, but leader was too weary of driving to check it out. 4+ hrs r.t., 16 people, 5 mi r.t., 2500 gain.

Delores Holladay & Karen Leonard drove out to meet us Sunday and waited for 2 hrs, then did the only logical thing: an exploratory of NORTHEAST ORD, elev. 6012'. They reported many interesting caves on the peak, and it goes well with East Ord. They left 45 minutes before we arrived and beat us back by over an hour, not being hampered by a slow leader. A dozen of us then had dinner at Carmelita's in Victorville. Good food; weak margaritas.

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