Old Dad Mountain, Foshay Mountain


By: Gene Olsen


Met the group of 9 on the flats 5 miles east of Baker. We caravaned to the OLD DAD road head. Roads here are in very good shape. Edna E. and Judy Ware were put up in front to do the route finding and did a very good job. We were down early and on our way to the nights campsite near the FOSHAY roadhead. There are a number of good campsite areas near here and I had scouted same of them out on the prior weekend. We stayed at the high point on the road going to Quail Spring. Gary Murta joined us early Sat evening and later Ted and I drove out and found Jon Petitjean and 2 others who were having car problems. After corrections we all went back to our campsite. Marion Cruz served up a tremendous dinner for which I thank her. Sunday we drove north and then east to the road head. Roads used are drivable by all vehicles. Details are shown on the map. The hiking route is straightforward. After parking continue up the road cast the fire ring and follow the canyon past the ruins at about 4500 ft. Stay right at the next gully junction and very soon come out of the gully and take the ridge to the saddle at 5443'. The best choice from here is to drop north east into the gully and follow it around the east side of 6420' to the ridge. The high point seen from here is not the peak. Note the 2 mine shafts in, the area north of 6420' . The true summit is about .2 mi NE of the noted high Point. Views are great. You can see many other summits from this peak. Round trip was about 5 hours. It appears there could be a number of routes from the east. Great weather.

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