Old Woman Mountains, Sheephole Mountains


By: Dale van Dalsem


15 met at 9 AM, ESE of Danby & drove to Florence Mine, shown on all maps. All vehicles made it to within 150 yds of the mine & we hiked SE thru the saddle S of 1124 (Old Woman Statue 71/2 metric topo, 1985), then S up the wash & right up the westernmost bump, w/some pleasant hi cl 2. Different route back: N along the ridge to saddle just S of 1498, then NE down an interesting gully & followed our footsteps back to the cars. 4+ hrs r.t, incl 45 min lunch, 2200 gain, 21/2 mi r.t. for Old Woman. Ho Hum.

With plenty of time, some of us went and explored the Amboy Crater & our carload saw the Mitchell Caverns, getting there by 2:30 & catching the 3 P.M. tour, last of the day. Mediocre caves, excellent commentary. We then drove to Sheephole Summit, turned around & found the gas line or power line road going NNE, drove down it for about a mile & camped near an overturned, bullet ridden car body. We had lovely weather; warm & no wind; we heard later that it rained like mad in L.A. and that Sherry & Maris' trip (Those turkeys had a turnout of 45; I've loaded up on Ban & Scope & reverted to 6 A.M. start times!!) had wind & rain (good!)

A half-mile S of the radio tower in Sheephole Pass, we drove off the pavement a few hundred yard. to the edge of a big wash: lots of old mining activity & recent target practice. We headed SE up the interesting wash to its end just E of 1041 (Dale Lake 1985 71/2 metric topo). Then a NE bearing up the ridge & turn east before hitting the summit ridge and angle up to the summit. 51/4 hrs r.t., 5 mi r.t., 2200 gain, 14 people, for Sheephole. Thanks to Edna E. for subbing for an ailing Akawie as assistant.

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