Corkscrew Peak, Eagle Mountain #2


By: Gene Olsen


Despite the wind and blowing sand on Friday 15 souls gathered at the sign at 8 AM Saturday for the trip up Corkscrew. The wind had dropped to a low level which was a big help in overcoming the effects of temperature and it made for a great day for the trip. All reached the summit by 1145. Two of the attendees did their first DPS trip including one 7 year old. Saw many different lizards and a beautiful rattler on the way back. Chuck Stein was with us on his last DPS trip before the D.C. move. We camped Saturday nite near Eagle. Be sure to remember that the turn off to the Eagle roadhead is right at the west turn on the main highway. The road across the Amargosa is non-existent. There is about an 8 foot drop to the river bed. Saturday night 7 people headed for Tecopa and 5 of these hit the opera house at Death Valley Junction. Sunday 17 did Eagle via the normal route. All made the summit including the 7 year old. Again we saw a number of lizards on the way down. I think most of these were Chuckwallas. They were huge. Had a nice stop at Tecopa on the way out where we saw the original 100% tattooed man. All in all a nice weekend with perfect weather.

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