Mount Inyo, Keynot Peak


By: J. Holshuh


Private Trip

Undaunted by pessimistic assessments of my conditioning and the prospective weather, we set out for Bedsprings Camp with a full 3 days water supply. It was the unanimous consensus that the ridge up from the two large cairns at the head of the canyon across from the mine adsit was the proper "up" route. It had to be better than the plunging scree we took back down in less than two hours!! We left 2 liters of water where the trails merge(at about 8000') below the long scree trail leading to the saddle. After 13 hours in the tent buffeted by constant high winds, we made both peaks Sunday morning while watching the first winter storm inundate the Sierras and Owens Valley. The sun was little help along the long windswept ridge between the peaks. Ursula qualified for DPS membership on Keynot and immediately paid the treasurer her dues. As a result of the weather, we left 14 liters of water at the Camp, to be used by any needy hikers. All contributions will gladly be accepted addressed to the Lower Back Relief Fund.

J. Holshuh
Susan Hanna
Don Slager
Ursula Slager

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