Ruby Dome


By: Gene Olsen


Left on July 1 to meet Ted and ALP for what was hopefully to be my list finisher. This was to be a slow relaxing trip to cover what we wanted to as the trip developed. We stayed in the CG in Lamoille Canyon which turned out to be a great place. I would advise groups doing the peak in the future to stay here rather than using the Spring Creek facility. We left the trail head in Hennon Canyon fairly early. From the upper end of the campground cross the bridge and follow the trail up the east side until you can exit up to the bench. Follow any of the multitude of trails upward staying relatively close to the woods. Do not go up to the ridge. When the bench merges with the woods drop slightly toward the stream following a faint trail thru the woods. Follow this all costs. You will finally get thru the woods and pick up a trail, sometimes vague up to the lake at 9220. From here looking generally SE you will see a gully going up. Go diagonally up a scree slope to the left of this gully eventually reaching a saddle. Go around the closed contour that is east of "30" on the east side. From here looking S/W you will see a large ramp going up at an easy slope. Follow this to a cirque which will be north of the peak. From here you will see two chutes going to thc ridge both west of the summit. Both go well. Depending on snow conditions an ice axe maw be helpful. We made the summit in good time and opened the ceremonial bottle of bubbly. We left the greater part of the contents for Dale Van D and the group that were coming up the next day. From Elko we went over and did Kings Peak in Utah and after visiting a few other places did Teewoenot in the Tetons. All in all a great trip.

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