Providence Mountains


By: Bill T. Russell


Nine of us met at the parking lot of Mitchell Caverns State Park on Saturday at 0730. Our route was north for 1/2 mile and then up the canyon that leads directly to the summit. At 5900' in this canyon we took the right branch and went roughly north up to the saddle that is about 1/4 mile NE of the summit. The NE ridge turns out to be a set of 3rd class false summits so we traversed into the chute SE of the summit and then went up it to a notch that is an easy scramble to the register. We descended directly down the chute from the notch and rejoined our ascent route at 5900'. The best ascent route is our descent route. The weather started out fine but clouds formed while we were on the summit and by the time we returned to the cars a cold wind was blowing and rain had started. The weather report predicted rain and in view of the conditions, the group voted to cancel the climb of Mitchell on Sunday. Providence is an interesting climb with an ample amount of cactus and none of us got out without some blood being let. The register book from 1981 is OK but a new register can is needed. It was a good trip. Participants were:

Dick Akawie, Fred Camphausen, Lisa and Westy Fletcher, Ella and Bob Hoselton, Pat and Bill Russell, Don Sparks

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