El Picacho del Diablo


By: Gene Olsen



Five of us decided to do this as a leisurely trip. We drove part way down Tuesday night staying at the Pescadores road head turn-off. Both the Valkass directions to the trailhead and the very good map done by Larry Tidball were checked. Both will get you to the desired area. One change. Beyond the rancho at 38.6 miles take the left fork. This brings you to the hunting shack. The roads were good for almost any car. The falls at present has a cable tied into the top (5th) bolt which allows for a pendulum across the wet spot. One person must wade out to get the cable. The hike up the canyon is very pretty and interesting. Robinson's write up is all that's needed however if you do get the maps H11B55 and H11354 make sure the following corrections are made: on H11B54 the canyon labeled CANADA LA PROVIDENCIA is really CANADA PIABLO, CANADA EL DIABLITO is mislabeled. The entrance to CANADA DIABLO is between margin marks 39-40 and 55-56. CANADA DIABLO exits this map between margin marks 52-53. On H11B55 the locations shown for both CERROS LA BOTELLA AZUL and PICODEL DIABLO are both way off. The twin summits of PICO DEL DIABLO are located in the area bounded by margin marks 30-29 and 55-56. The maps are good but the labeling is bad. We did the peak on Friday and got back to the vehicles at 9:00 a.m. Sunday for an easy drive home. One note of caution it appears that a Mexican permit and a slight gift to the local rancher may avoid break in and vandalism to the vehicles. Things were rather messed up in my van. A copy of Larry Tidball's map is included.

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