Mitchell Point, Providence Mountains


By: Maris Valkass


Eleven persons met at 7 am Saturday in the Mitchell Caverns State Park parking lot. Since the plan was to do both peaks as a traverse, some cars were left in the parking lot for the car shuttle, while we all piled into the remaining cars and drove to the Bonanza King Mine.

Our route followed the major canyon directly west of the mine, and then left into the first side canyon. Continued in the side canyon for about 1/2 mi until we came to a large vertical wall (water fall) at which point we started climbing to the right for the ridge. From the ridge you can see Mitchell Peak on the left. You can continue along the ridge with some rugged ups and downs until you reach the peak, but it is a little easier when you drop a little lower.

At this point on the trip, the leader lost all of his steam, having lost part of it earlier; the lead was turned over to very capable Bruce Knudtson. Bruce valiantly led the group to the top and back to the cars. Except for the leader and two others, everyone got the peak. Alice Cahill and John Wilkerson signed out on Mitchell where they met Bill Banks, who came over from Providence, and went with him completing the traverse.

Since the leader did not feel any better on Sunday, the rest of the trip was cancelled. Most people visited the caverns and returned home early. My thanks and appreciation to Bruce for assisting and actually saving the weekend for the DPS.

Other participants:

Randy Albers
Tom Ferguson
Laurie Habel
Wilson Harvey
Steve Hoffman
Leslie Lederman
Al White

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