Weavers Needle, Superstition Mountains


By: Gene Olsen



29 participants met at the Peralta Road Head for Weavers Needle where the Thanksgiving feast was to be held. As expected, Edna had again organized an excellent meal which all enjoyed. As usual there was plenty left over. A campfire was started and crowded around as the weather showed definite signs of deteriorating.

Sometime during the night, there were minor spinkles but nothing bad. At 6:00 AM (Calif. time) we were off with 26 people. 3 were smarter than the others. About 7:00 it started to rain. We took the trail in over Bluff Saddle and down to about 3200 feet. Then cross country toward the chute. You get some brush at this point. It is better to leave the trail at about 3360 feet and go generally N-W. over the low saddle and right through the 18 in Section 18. It continued to rain with a little snow/sleet.

We got up in the chute to about 3900 and it was still raining and now a little hail. People headed for cover while the chute was checked out higher up. It was sloppy and loose. At this point, a rapid calculation of time to get 26 people up and down indicated 5 hours plus. The trip was aborted and we headed back. Reached the campsite about noon. WET!. It rained off and on for the afternoon. At times we had 11 in the van. It cleared just before dark and we had a nice campfire and a second communal meal. Small.

We left for the Superstition Road Head at 7:00 AM. We parked at the junction just north of Apache Land on Public Land. There is much posting in the area now. Left for the peak at 8:00 AM. All 25 made the summit. We were back down at 3:00 PM. We ate at a Chinese buffet called the Autumn Moon. Very good.

Ted led a fine trip on Superstition. Many thanks to all who supplied the great food and a special thanks to the Turkey Lady who did a lot of extra work preparing the main course and for generally organizing the affair.

A problem in the future could be parking and access. As such a map is included to show an alternate parking and trail head site.

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