Pyramid Peak, Smith Mountain


By: Gene Olsen


A group of 8 met at Death Valley junction and caravaned toward Furnace Creek over the high point and down toward the monument boundary to a road going north. This appears to be a gully but rapidly turns into a road. Follow this for about 1 mile and park. Head towards the low point on the skyline staying to the left of the bump at 3661. Beyond here take the large gully up to your left and exit this on your right at some convenient place. Don't wait too long to exit as it gets steep further on.

Take the same route down. We tried the ridge to the north and it makes the trip much longer. We camped at the cars - had a good campfire. Sunday we headed south on the Greenwater Valley Road. The Gold Valley Road was worse than the last time we tried. No one had been in here for some time. We were stopped before reaching the road hi-point by washouts. John Lutz managed to puncture his gas tank and we hurried back to the G.W. Valley Road-before affecting repairs. As a postscript,! finally did Smith on Jan. 7, 1984, 3rd try. The road will go by 4 wheel drive vehicles. Only 1 person had climbed the peak in 1983.

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