Pleasant Point, Nelson Range


By: George Hubbard


What a nice trip! The weather was perfect and the roads could not have been better. Of 15 tentative signups, 11 participants showed up at the corner of Keeler (hwy 190) and Cerro Gordo Road at approximately 7:30 a. Saturday. After waiting around for anyone that might show up, around 8 o'clock or so, Doug Mantle' s car headed the caravan up the road to Cerro Gordo Mines - it might as well have been the Indianapolis Speedway evidently the road's been graded not long ago as it's in perfect condition. In no time we were parked just above the plateau that overlooks the mines and looks over the pass that affords the view to Saline Valley. The short trek on the jeep road that leads to the trail heading east to Pleasant took us over and back at a pace suitable for such super easy trip. Since we were back to the cars by around 2 o'clock, George's birthday celebration kept us busy until we decided to head for Lee Flat .~(off hwy 190) to position ourselves for Sunday's climb of Mt. Nelson. On this road there is a camping site (past the inactive mines) at the end of it, where we settled down for dinner and to continue the celebration of George's famous birthday and party. Sunday morning the group, fit and rearing to go, leisurely climbed Nelson via the 2nd draw from the north. After a nice break atop and a nap by some, we returned to camp where the group dispatched the remains of the dinner victuals. All caked out, we packed and left heading back to L.A. at approximately 3 o'clock. There were only two or three spots on the road where the average auto should approach with caution; other than two minor incidents of flat tires, quite appropriate for Lee Flat, the trip involved only a good time had by all.

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