Carson Peak, Kelbaholt Peak


By: Doug Mantle


I didn't have enough sleep after only 3.5 hours in the sack, but the dawn sun turned the eastern sky into scarlet and crimson to repay me for having awakened me too soon. After reluctantly shedding our cocoons we got into our mobile ones and edged our way closer to our objectives for the day. Finally, we had to abandon even those and break out the footwear and off the nine of us went self propelled.

Enroute to Carson we walked thru a fairyland of unusual and almost unreal spires on our right and left. The route went easily enuf and we were on top in good time. Being too early for lunch we descended & ate Our sandwiches while sitting in the sandy wash (the right place as the name implies). After which three opted out and the six went for Kelbaholt. This was Greg and my return after having been tantalized by it this April following the climb of Stepladder. There were, at that time, two female bighorns with their surefooted offsprings hoping to get away from it all up there but, the pesky two-footers wouldn't leave them alone, so they moved on to less verdant territory and left the summit to us. We, on this day, enjoyed the perfect afternoon sun for too brief a time and hurried back to the car where rocks and ruts continued to teach those invaders of the desert a lesson. Ah, campfire: amenities! A loaf of bread, a flask of wine, and---!

Next am more road, rocks and ruts and finally we are there. Mopah looked familiar and the route hadn't changed any in two years. Six were atop with an umbrella of clouds for protection. The infinite variations of shade and light cast by sun and cloud were enjoyed along with lunch.

While Doug escorted two back, the others charged off in quick time for Umpah. Such fun we had on some of those moves! After which we rushed back so as to navigate the road in daylight and we toasted many a glass to our friend Dino in his cafe. Super peaks, super weather, the best ever!

Below is an exact replica (better than the original) of a typed (yes, typed) note in the register box on Kelbaholt, copied by Jon Lutz.


We, Joseph Molt, V.C. Kelly, and C.H. Bangs, of Camp Carson, have scaled this peak which is the highest point in the Turtle Mountain Range. Combining our three names, we have christianed this as Kelbaholt Peak, as we are the first to conquer it.

Below us is the Camp Carson Mining Region, which was pioneered by Colonel Kit Carson, who made the roads, developed the water, and caused the first mining operations to be performed. This peak has withstood the efforts of man to scale it, until we, after much effort have accomplished it.

To those who come after us we wish Good Luck and plenty of it, and extend to them our compliments for making this point.

Joseph Molt
V.C. Kelly
C.H. Bangs
Camp Carson, California

Kelbaholt Peak August 16, 1925

P.S. Our only request is, that this notice be left intact.

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