Mount Inyo


By: Bill Bradley



Twenty-five hikers met at 6:00am at the Lone Pine Station turnoff for carpooling and the steep drive up to the 5200 foot level where we started our backpack to "Bedsprings" Camp at 9200 feet. Just before starting up the steepest section of the hike, we filled our canteens with cool water at the spring. As it turned out, there were snow patches at base camp, but we were not able to see this from the cars.

Arriving at base camp, it was obvious that only about l5 could be comfortably accommodated; the rest had to hunt and scratch out bed sites, most of which were somewhat less than on the level.

After a leisurely lunch, 23 started out for Keynot in ideal weather. Running the ridge 'til the next to last bump, we then contoured along the east side of the ridge where we encountered considerable snow, some of which tended to slab off. Having earlier elected to leave ice axes at the cars as well as the leader having left his gaiters in camp, we finally did gain the ridge again and made the summit. Three climbers qualified for section memberships DIANE ROSENTRETER, OWEN MALOY, and BOB HICKS.

Back at camp, the absence of spirits during the happy hour was notable, most people having opted to carry water. However both the leader and Owen Maloy were observed having a touch of the grape around the cheerful campfire.

Amid some groans, we arose at 5:00am (PST) on Sunday in 34 weather (clear) and headed back up to the saddle and thence on to Inyo in two hours. On the way, we stopped in a picturesque meadow just below the false peak and administered the DPS "Desert Rat" test to the aforementioned three qualifiers. RON JONES cheerfully demonstrated the "proper" technique and barely passed by the skin of his teeth.

BILL HAUSER qualified for his emblem on Inyo if he decides to become a section member. Except for RALPH JOHNSON failing to duck under an overhanging rock and having to have his skull patched, the return to camp was uneventful. We took our time having lunch and left camp at 1:00pm, with some of the tigers arriving at the spring 25 minutes later.

Arriving at the cars, ADRIENNE KNUTE passed around some delicious fresh strawberries and sour cream, thus topping off a successful weekend with a fitting dessert.


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