Virgin Peak


By: Cuno Ranschau


We had lost it last November, but then, who minds going back to such a 'gorgeous' place as Zion? Greg, Wendel, and I tried them last fall but very bad weather got us only SGA with NGA left temptingly behind---not too groovey climbing with new snow.

We scheduled the climb for Sunday so we had Saturday to look at other stuff. Greg thought Virgin peak would be something to try. Greg drove us to the roadhead--don't ask me where it is, I was riding in the back of the truck. We hiked up the road as far as we liked unwillingly chasing cows ahead of us. How I hate to be thought of as a cow herd (cowherd: a chicken cowboy).

Any time you wish to you may get onto the ridge on the left and then go for the peak. It reminded me of our recent climb of Turtle. The interesting sights are the Virgin river and the upper end of lake Mead. Strictly a peak of undistinction, but Ok if you have nothing else to do.

After din-din in St. George, we met the others at the turn off from the Kolob Reservoir road to Wildcat Canyon. The road is now impassable shortly after the turn off but with the weather and scenery being what they were, we did not mind the extra hiking.

We nine were off early Sunday and the weather and rock conditions were excellent. We set up ropes in three places, belaying up arid rappelling down in two spots. All were on top shortly after 8:00. The incredible scenery was enjoyed for too short a time and we returned down the same route and out to the cars.

We four plucked the Silverbird of its buffet and then had a long ride home in a steady, strong headwind. Contrary to Vegas type advertising, gas was not easy to come by.

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