Rabbit Peak

Dec 78

By: Fran Smith


While driving to Indio Friday afternoon in heavy rain and dark clouds, it appeared the tenth year of Fran's Frolic faced hostile weather, Saturday dawned on twenty-two eager climbers skittering up the alluvial fan towards Rabbit Peak in perfect weather. Pace seemed to fit the group, rest stops encouraged continuing onward, climbers were in good condition, no one lost or injured at any time, all twenty-two reached the summit.

What more could a leader desire? This frolic was the all-around best one yet. If LA area could have had good weather Friday, more of the thirty-eight interested participants would have been with us no doubt. My good helper Wayne Vasey made it nine out of ten years for the frolic.. DPS Desert Sage editor Barbara Reber was with us, and Ray Riley and Ron Webster were second timers.

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