Nelson Range


By: Bill T. Russell


On Sunday morning, 16 of us departed our camp spot on the dirt access road to Nelson at a point directly east of the summit. We passed by an interesting mine hole and went on eastward up the steep slope to the top. We descended to the north of our ascent route and looked at various mine holes, shacks and artifacts along the way. It was an interesting and easy climb in very nice weather. Thanks are due Duane McRuer, who served as vice-leader in place of George Smith who was ill.

On this peak, I completed the DPS list and, in celebration, we had champagne and goodies on the preceding evening. Earler on Saturday, 25 of us had climbed Muah on the SPS list, where I qualified for the senior emblem, so the celebration was for both events.

To reach Nelson Mtn we left Hwy 190 east of the Darwin turnoff and drove north on the paved road to Saline Valley about 7. 9 mi to the junction of the San Lucas Canyon road. We proceeded on the San Lucas Canyon Rd (good gravel) for about 3. 7 mi to a dirt road leaving to the right. (This is the junction just north of 5572' on the topo.) We drove on the dirt road through Lee Flat for 3. 1 mi to a sandy area where we camped. We could have gone about 1/4 mi further north to a small saddle and then eastward toward the mountain, but our chosen spot was nicer for camping, had less driving on a poor road, and was about the same hiking time.

It was a fine weekend and I thank my good friends for joining me and for bringing such good goodies to the celebration.

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