Grapevine Peak, Mount Palmer


By: Mike Manchester


Fifteen climbers met at 7:00 A.M. in Beatty, Nevada. We took a seemingly endless car caravan to the Phinney Mine. Elliott Snyder drove the group to the saddle in his 4 wheel drive. The climb of Palmer was uneventful except that the rear leader's return to the saddle was delayed by an exploration of the canyon west of the saddle. Everyone returned to camp. We had a respectable camp fire which should probably be given a P G rating. A cold front seemed to be moving in but the sky was crystal clear when we all turned in.

Then at about midnight when we woke up, everything was covered with about a quarter inch of snow.

One party fired up the car, and took off for the low lands. Another group begged permission to leave and it was granted. The ranks were dwindling fast.

Anyway the wind began to blow and blew away the storm. It continued to snow. It blew the remainder of the party to the summit of Grapevine. It blew the party back - some of them sooner than others. Everyone got off the mountain safely and went home.

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