Corkscrew Peak, Pyramid Peak


By: Mike Manchester


About 15 climbers met at the junction of Highway 58 and the Beatty Road in Death Valley at 8:00 A.M. We decided to caravan up the road, turn around at an appropriate spot and return to the Corkscrew Pk. sign, placed by the Park Service along the side of the road in front of the peak.

The leader executed the maneuver perfectly. The only problem was that the rest of the caravan with its eyes glued to the road, didn't make the turn. So after an uncomfortable lapse of time, the leaders turned around and went over to Beatty to round up the troops.

The climb of Corkscrew is straight forward. After we returned to the car, we all went sightseeing down Titus: Canyon. Titus canyon, with its breathtaking beauty, is one of nature's wonderlands. There is so much to see that some of us are going to have to return to this canyon so we can see it.

We camped off of the road which connects Death Valley Junction with Death Valley for a climb of Pyramid. There was a campfire that night even though many of us were "camp-fired out" after the drive down Titus Canyon. The climb of Pyramid went without problems and the weather is remembered to be ideal.

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