Charleston Peak, Mummy Mountain


By: Ron Jones


Ed and Mary Omberg, Mary Sue Mead Cuno Ranchau end I climbed these South Nevada peaks on a cool weekend punctuated with snow flurries, We made a routine ascent of Mummny Peak via the Deer Creek Trail. This roadhead is marked with a sign reading Mary Jane Falls. We climbed Charleston Peak by a very satisfactory route which I had not heard described. It cuts at least two miles from the South Loop Trail. We started at the Cathedral Rock Trail at the highway's end rather than the South Loop Trail from the picnic area. After reaching the saddle just south of Cathedral Rock we left the main trail and followed a service trail almost a jeep road, around to the west. About one-half mile beyond the saddle this trail ends. From this point we went west cross country, gaining elevation to the skyline ridge. Here we interacted the South Loop Trail beyond the area posted Bristle Cone Forest.

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