Mitchell Point, Edgar Peak


By: Ted Pinson


The group assembled Saturday morning at the intersection of Essex Road and Black Canyon Road. After ridding the environment of one polluting truck tire by loading it into Gene Olsen's van, we caravaned to the Bonanza King Mine. All vehicles made it to the end of the road but the last mile is rough. Several people stayed in camp while 22 people climbed Mitchell, starting about 9 A.M.

We took the large canyon going northwest from the mine. At the first major fork we took the left branch and followed it out to the ridge top, then along the ridge, frequently contouring below the top on the south side. About one quarter mile east of the summit we climbed to the ridge top and followed it to the summit.

We encountered considerable class 2 scrambling and some low 3, which made for slow progress. All made the peak including a courageous climber, Kate Collard, who was on her first peak climb ever. But the trip took more time than anticipated and darkness was closing in as the main group returned to camp. Several chose to go slower or rest awhile and returned by flashlight after dark. After assorted meats were cooked on the campfire, the truck tire made a hot blaze. A certain clique from San Fernando Valley assembled away from the campfire to drink grape juice and recite their X-rated memoirs.

About l-1/4 miles east of Bonanza King Mine a short-cut road goes south to the Mitchell Cavern paved road, saving considerable distance. A number of people stayed at the caverns while 12 climbed Providence on Sunday.

We climbed the large canyon northwest of the caverns, taking a right fork which leads to a saddle about 1/3 mile east of the summit. As the gully branches higher up, keep left. About 200' below the ridge begin contouring left and upward. After crossing a minor ridge, which appears to go to a summit, continue contouring into a major gully and climb it to a saddle just east of the summit. The peak is the most westerly of several summits. All climbers were back to the parking lot by mid-afternoon.

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