Signal Peak


By: Wes Shelberg



In January 1975 I chanced upon an easy Class 2 route up Kofa while solo hiking in the area. Succinct hiking directions are provided herewith for those who might be interested in seeing a choice Kofa region other than Palm Canyon. The accompanying road map shows the "route-head" to be where JEEP ROAD crosses Indian Canyon drainage. Vehicles with high clearance and careful drivers could go that far. The topo map is Livingston Hills, 15 Min. Proceed SW up Indian Canyon from JEEP ROAD, but after perhaps 1/4 mile leave the stream bed and head directly for a "prominence" (minor peak)' which is shown on the topo map as a tiny "finger" pointing NE at a distance of two millimeters west of the capital letter T in the name Ten Ewe Mtn. One route goes to the left (east) of the "prominence" for fine escarpment views at the saddle immediately west of Ten Ewe Mtn. and overlooking Hidden Canyon. The other follows the Indian Canyon drainage just to the right (west) of the "prominence". Both routes intersect later. From the aforementioned saddle, pick a suitable Class 2 route westward along the massif to Kofa's summit which occurs as a gentle rise not visible from the saddle. Distance from vehicle to summit (one way) is about 1-3/4 miles as measured on the map.

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