Kingston Peak, Clark Mountains


By: John Backus


Approximately ten people gathered at Tecopa on this cool Saturday morning. We caravaned in to a point about a mile east of Horse Thief Springs, where we were able to drive a short distance off the main road and park the cars. Hiking south up the main canyon, we climbed its headwall, detoured around a large rock outcropping, and came out on the ridge where the peak was in view. The traverse along the ridge to the peak presented no problems; the snow from the storm of a couple of weeks back had vanished. Duane McRuer signed in on this peak as his last on the DPS list. After lunch, we started back, and as we reached the canyon bottom we were rewarded by the sight of nine bighorn rams. As we approached, they galloped off up the side of the canyon, then stopped and posed for pictures. Unfortunately, they were too far away; on my slides, they can only be seen with a microscope. Back at the cars, we celebrated the latest peak list completion with champagne and cake, after which we decided it would be prudent to comp there for the night.

Sunday morning we drove down to the freeway, over to Mountain Pass, and in to the roadhead for Clark Mt. This was climbed with no problems except the minor one of finding and surmounting the third class stretch at the upper end of the long cliff below the summit ridge. The summit was cold and windy, so we didn't stay long. We were back at the cars by noon for lunch and the drive home.

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