Tucki Mountain


By: Abe Siemans


Prior to climbing Tucki Mountain, I reviewed previous Desert age accounts of Tucki climbs. Andy Smatko, after climbing Tucki from the Skidoo road, suggested a shorter route in Issue #101 of January 1970. For those seeking a shorter route, the following information may be helpful.

Proceed south along the Emigrant Canyon road for 1.5 miles from its junction with Hiway 190. Turn left onto a dirt road which heads northward for a mile or so before entering Telephone Canyon. This portion of the road differs from the road location shown on the 1952 Emigrant Canyon topo. Follow the dirt road for 9.6 miles from the pavement. At 9.6 miles, one reaches the high point in a saddle at elevation 4,880. As the road had been recently graded, we drove our Chrysler wagon to 4,880 easily. Of course, the next storm could change road conditions drastically. At 4,880, we parked the car and followed a little used jeep trail northward for a mile or so, where we came upon 2 abandoned trucks. The summit is visible from the trucks; the trucks are a good landmark in returning from the top. Although the route Helen and I followed is considerably shorter than from the Skidoo road, we made several descents, totaling about 700 to 1,000 feet, en route to the summit. On January 1, 1976, the weather was clear and cold, with temperatures remaining below freezing all day. The low temperatures made for sharp, clear views of the Sierra, Charleston, and other peaks. Despite our leisurely pace, we returned to the car 6-1/2 hours after we left.

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