Nopah Range, Pahrump Point


By: Roy Ward


Thirty one of us met at the cafe in Shoshone. Earl Kesler had other commitments and Duane McRuer accepted the job of assistant leader. We all consolidated into fewer cars and departed for Nopah. We drove east on Highway l78, about 5 miles, to the Chicago Valley cut off, where the main road turns south, continue east following the pole line to a well that has a pump. Around this the road bears slightly north to 12 Mile Spring. Turn south and go due west of the peak. Hike across the desert and into the wash between Nopah and 6401. In the wash go south up the gully to the ridge, a little 3rd class, but fun. It was near the top of the ridge that one young lady made a blood sacrifice by letting a rock smash her finger. Follow the ridge to the top of the peak. All 31 of us made the summit in about 5 hours. Coming down we ran the south-west ridge, and the south side in some rough scree in 3-1/2 hours. Back to Shoshone we split up, some going to Tecopa Hot Springs, while a dozen of us went to Death Valley Junction to see the Ballet (not belly) Dance. Since we did this and got our share of couth at least some of are not completely uncouth any more.

Sunday 22 regrouped at Shoshone and were off for Pahrump. About 5.5 miles north of the Chicago Valley road, a difficult road to locate turns off and goes 2.4 miles to the foot of Pahrump. We hiked up the canyon on an old washed out road, an intermittent trail and some scattered ducks. Stay left at the first! in the canyon and right at the next one. I found this out on the way down, the ridge is fun too. All were on top in 2 hours and 10 minutes, wind and dust reducing visibility. Back down the correct way this time and to the cars in 1 hour and 35 min. We caravaned out and then several of us finished the trip with a visit to Tecopa Hot Springs.

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