Turtle Mountains


By: Al Campbell


After the scheduled climb of Spectre, Mark Dunbar and I went over to climb Turtle Mtn. We followed Bill Banks' write-up but got a bit mixed up due to nightfall and an ORV race being held near the roadhead. We took down the following mileage's etc. to supplement Bill's notes. You leave Hwy. 62 approximately 0.6 mi. east of the RR crossing at Grommet then head No. on the dirt road. We passed thru the Aqueduct and the dike and went past the 90 right turn. Instead of 8 miles, my odometer read 7.1 mi. from Hwy. 62 and the right turn is a reverse "Y" of about 150 . There is a wide spot on the right and just past this, there is a cairn on the right near the road which protects a stand-pipe survey marker noting sections 10/11. If you get this far - turn back and you should then see the correct road branching off to the left. We went another 5.6 miles to the end of the road. The wash paralleling the mountain was good but we pulled out a little too soon and had a few more ups and downs on the ridge to negotiate.

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